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Alex Becker’s Source Wave Guide to Local SEO
Are you among those dudes who are having a hard time with local SEO? If yes, then you definitely need the guide of Alex Becker’s Source Wave guide to local SEO. According to Mr. Alex Becker, local SEO is like a local goldmine. Anyone who are very much interested with SEO or Search Engine Optimization is certainly hoping to earn money.
If you are hungry for great profit, Alex Becker is the one that you should listen to. There was a point wherein Mr. Becker introduced what he calls as the SEO multipliers, which pertains to the methods that can greatly increase how fast one can start earning funds using SEO. Mr. Alex Becker believes that the best among the SEO multipliers is the Local SEO.
Explaining Local SEO…
According to Source Wave, the term Local SEO is a limiting title. The founder of this respectable SEO site guru, Mr. Alex Becker, opt to refer to it as conducting SEO for businesses, Professional SEO, and the newest title that he came up for it is Pro SEO. He emphasized that people don’t necessarily have to focus on businesses in their local area.
Thus, Local SEO pertains to where you can spot businesses which would benefit from excellent SEO rankings, and then you motivate them to pay you because of your “professional help.” Rather than accomplishing SEO for yourself, it is the other way around; conducting it for another person.
Why should I do this? Why should I want to help others?
Going straight to the point, once you become good in doing SEO, the initial thing that you have to do is capering to local SEO. As a matter of fact, it is important for you to move your SEO in the proper direction; towards real business period.
If you are not that good in SEO, Source Wave can help you become an expert on it, especially through its free beginner’s course. Those who are well-versed on SEO can still benefit from the teachings of Mr. Alex Becker, particularly through his SEO strategies and case studies.
Going back to the topic about why you would want to do SEO, even though you are rocking in this field, the fact remains that it will entail a few months for you to be able to attain $150+ per day income. On the other hand, once you become excellent in local SEO, you can anticipate that you will start from zero and achieve 10,000 per month even just within one month, and that is realistic.
You have to understand that ranking your own site or sites is equally profitable as conducting Local SEO. Nevertheless, to set expectations, it is not easy to do, which is okay, since succeeding is more fulfilling when you’ve worked for it. If you want to know the advantages of doing Local SEO, visit the site of Source Wave, where you can know the other ways about how to leverage your earnings through SEO.

Newbie Launch Forumla by Jani-G

So today I will be talking about Jani-G’s newbie launch formula.

Ok now let me back up a bit… its crazy how time flies but I first met Jani  back in 2008 when he came down to Miami.

LOL damn I used to be really skinny.

Anyways is an incredible marketer when it comes to creating and selling information products online.

He has had multiple of six figure launches and just plain out knows his stuff when it comes to creating info products from scratch and having big money paydays on launch day.. well forever actually.

So what’s The Newbie Launch Formula all about?

In August, Jani decide to take on 63 students and show them the COMPLETE step-by-step formula for doing 6 figure launches.

His goal was simple. To make $100k in 30 days!

Yes you read right, $100,000 but he actually ended up making $206,000! Damn dog!

This product is for you if you want to learn how to:

  1. Create an info product quickly
  2. Create a high converting sales funnel
  3. How to plan out your launch properly
  4. How to secure BIG JV’s and have affiliates promote your launch
  5. How to write killer webcopy that sucks your buyers right in.
  6. How to create sales videos that do the selling for you!

So my results after going through his course have been as follows.